Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Old woman and the Well

This is the story of the Old Lady in the Well.

It tells of  an old woman who was a witch.  Now there were children living in the community who were frisky and wicked.  One day the children decided to help their mother by washing the dishes.  So the oldest daughter took the dishes to the well and in the process of washing the dishes, she dropped the cooks spoon down into the well.  So she was forced to go for the cook's spoon.  
While she was in the well she saw an old woman who had a sore on her foot.  The old woman asked for the girl to giver her care and she did so.  At the end she was going to go and the old woman said for her to go in there and you will see two boxes.  One of the boxes will say "Pick Me!  Pick Me!" Don't pick it.  One will say, Don't pick me!"  You should pick it. 
She went in there and the two boxes were speaking.  The one that said "Oh, don't pick me!", she picked it.  The old woman said to her "Good luck!  Because you have taken such good care of me, you are a good child, a submissive child and so you will eat of the fruit of the land."  So she left and went back to her mother.  The people had been looking all over for her and she told them when she went to wash the dishes, mistakenly she dropped the cook's spoon in the well.  So I had to go for the cook's spoon   When I went for the cook's spoon I met an old lady and I had to serve her and when I was done serving her, this is what she gave me.  She had a carton and when she opened it inside there was gold and money and riches.  The family was able to live comfortable.
Now another girl in the community saw how the family was living and decided to ask her mother to let her wash the dishes.  Now when she went to wash the dishes, she dropped the cook's spoon in the well.  When she went in the well to fetch the spoon, she met an old woman who asked her, "What did you come for?"
The girl answered that she was looking for her cook's spoon that had dropped in the well.  She said, "oh, ok.  Before you take your cook's spoon, could you please look at my foot?  I have a sore on my foot."
The girl said, "Look at you, old foolish woman.  So stupid.  You are old and smelly I do not want to give you care."
The old woman then asks the girl to help carry her water.
Again the girl replies, no that she will not help the old woman and that she just came for her cook's spoon.
The old woman asks the girl to just stay with her and after that one week, the girl begins to go.  The old woman says to her, "Do you see those two cartons there?  One will say 'Pick me!' and the other one says, 'Don't pick me'.  And when you go in there, the one that says "don't pick me', I want you to pick it."
So the girl goes into the room and when the carton said, "Pick me!" then she just grabbed it.  She carried it and when she got home to her mother, she told her what had happened.  She said, "This is what she gave me" and she opened the carton in front of people and the snake came, the cobra just came and grabbed everybody and killed them once and for all.
And the moral of the story is "Don't be envy"