Thursday, July 26, 2012

This story was told in the Kru dialect by a dear woman named Annie.  Here is the story she is telling:

Turtle was a hunter.  He carried dogs to hunt for animals.
So one day while Turtle was out hunting, his wife delivered.  So they said, "The father is out hunting.  We need to go and call him."
Somebody decided to go and when he got there, he couldn't see Turtle.  He decided to yell, "Mr. Turtle, Mr. Turtle, you are out hunting and your wife delivered."
Turtle replied, "Oh! I heard that but the dogs that I brought to hunt went into the cave of rocks and I am trying to crack the rocks to get the dogs out. So I will tell you the name of the child so you can give to the child.  The name is to be Tapaneema."
They replied, "Yes, yes!"

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